• a new classic: Thanxgiving 2020 gathering

    Eat drink and be thankful

    1. create a Zoom account
    2. contact Debra no later than noon on 11/26/20 for the Zoom meeting link: email, text, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram...you know where to find her
    3. log on anytime on Thanxgiving day between 2pm - 6pm. Preferably on the hour, so we can know to expect you
    4. for better viewing log in from a laptop or tablet or something you can have with you at the dinner table
    The Program: this is a casual affair and is subject to change:
    • 2pm - appetizers and wine tasting
    • 3pm - dinner is served
    • 4pm - wine tasting and reminiscing
    • 5pm - games and you guessed it...wine tasting
    • 6pm - dessert

    my PODCAST:

    A Fly In The Milk

    What I Do FOr Fun...

    Covid-19 has relegated me to a vicious cycle of online shopping. My beauty comes from within, but the perfect red lipstick never hurt ;)